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  Fifth Annual Alumni Art Show at The Schelfhaudt Gallery

  Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016: L.A gallery Grice Bench

  University of Bridgeport renames historic art gallery after Peter Schelfhaudt, CEO of Creative Partners advertising agency  


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Celebrating More Than 20 Years of PR Excellence
In This Issue: |            Fifth Annual Alumni Art Show at The Schelfhaudt Gallery

On Thursday, March 24 the Schelfhaudt Gallery held its fifth annual Alumni Art Show at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. The gallery, named in honor of Creative Partners’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peter Schelfhaudt, featured a wide array of artwork including painting, sculpture, photography, and video. This was a unique opportunity for more than 20 alumni artists to showcase their work for both visitors and the University's community and visitors to engage with. Some notable participating artists included Wilhelmina de Haas, ‘83, a graphic artist and digital photographer of Netherlandish descent whose thought-provoking work confronts viewers with bold and creative pieces, Barbara Bonnie Deutsch, ‘67, whose work revolves around ceramics and decorative techniques, Lisa Toto, ‘87, a photojournalism inspired artist with a talent for documenting and capturing stories through photographs, Brian Flinn, ‘90, a digital media illustrator interested in the formal and conceptual aspects of digital media, Ramon Peralta, ‘93, founder and creative director at Peralta Design, whose works evoked a certain post-colonial vibe with an 19th century charm, and Henrique Hyndman, ‘82, a mixed-media artist who works with 3-D creations with touches of computer applications centered on themes of culture and society.

The show ran through April 9, and more upcoming shows are announced on the gallery website:

Allyson Pereyra / New York Correspondent Writer

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